Author Topic: Hostbill cannot save General Settings from interface. Error 403. V. 2022 10 03.  (Read 206 times)

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I'm posting on behalf of an anonymous user.

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Using enterprise version, almost 2 weeks tried everything. Support not ... competent even though it is their code. Support takes ages to reply.

Installed platform on new database and new domain.

After installation completes, accessed admin interface with default username and password.

Did not make any configuration changes, went directly to General Settings, the section where the company name is entered.

Clicked SAVE configuration button by making or without making any changes.

Error 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Other settings can be changed.

This is clearly a coding issue. Admin user permissions are listed in Hostbill and include the editing of General Settings. If unchecked, a user cannot visualize General Settings. If checked, General Settings cannot be saved.
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File/folder permissions should be set correctly, files mostly 644, folders mostly 755, but see the documentation re install of hostbill at

It is also important to ensure you have the files under ownership of user/group of the account it is installed into and run the php crons as that user as otherwise some errors may come up, e.g. css compilation may create files as root/root instead of the correct user.