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If you encounter the following error while upgrading to HostBill's December 21, 2020 release:

HostBill Upgrade Failed Something went wrong during upgrade process, following error occured during database operations: Following error :SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1072 Key column 'flag' doesn't exist in table occured during database update to version 2020-12-22.sql please load your database backup to ensure that your installation is stable, and/or contact HostBill supportFailed on query: ALTER TABLE `hb_email_log` ADD INDEX (`flag`), ADD INDEX (`status`);


Try running this from phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE hb_email_log ADD status VARCHAR(60);

This seems to fix the problem for me with one of my dev installs. Maybe there's a better way of creating this column that HostBill isn't creating for this version. Any advice is welcome. It could be an anomaly, I've only encountered this once while upgrading.

I hope this helps anyone having troubles upgrading to HostBill's December 21st, 2020 release.
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