Author Topic: How do I contact HostBill / KBKP Software?  (Read 2953 times)

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How do I contact HostBill / KBKP Software?
« on: May 13, 2013, 05:06:56 PM »
There are a limited ways of getting in touch with KBKP Software, but it's not impossible. Below are the various methods you can apply to get in touch with them.

Update - Methods #2 and #3 are now invalid as the forums are no longer around. This may change, so the quotes will remain until I'm certain the forums aren't coming back.

1. Through their ticket system. Note, you must be a registered HostBill client to send them a message. Ticket prices may vary.

2. Through their forum's contact URL.

3. As a member on their forums by posting topics. Note, this is will not be very effective as it's for peer help, and not official support.

4. Write to them directly at the following address.

KBKP Software
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35-205 Rzeszów, Poland
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