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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 01-22-2018
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:53:46 AM »
Release Notes: Version: January 22, 2018

New Features

    [Admin] Added: Its now possible to provide custom adminarea logo path, favicon, title prefix
    [Admin] Added: Its now possible to select other/custom adminarea template in settings
    [Admin] Added: Its now possible to set smart search smart search results count
    [Admin] Added: Its now possible to set smart search to look in ticket messages
    [Admin] Fixed: Unable to use bulk price update feature
    [Autoupgrade] Added: Option to disable ssl verification for autoupgrade, that prevents from downloading HostBill on some installs
    [DCIManager2] Added: Cron will update account IP details
    [DCIManager2] Changed: Action and error logs will include related server id from dcimanager.
    [Gateways] Added: Accept.js payment gateway
    [IPAM] Fixed: Edit button shown for dedicated servers IPs that were not added to IPAM.
    [Invoices] Added: It is now possible to issue credit note/refund invoice paid by credit.
    [Mollie] Added: SepaDirect Debit module now requires providing bank transfer details before submitting payment
    [Plugin:Billing Contact Select] Added: Admin now can select billing contact for account
    [Plugin:Billing Contact Select] Added: Client function in products to let customer change billing contact for account
    [Proxmox2] Added: Option in app to specify starting ID for VMs
    [Proxmox2] Added: Option in product to allow disk resize for Cloned VMs
    [Proxmox2] Added: Option to add new disks to existing VMs
    [Proxmox2] Added: Option to extend exiting disks
    [Proxmox2] Added: Option to remove data disks from VM
    [Proxmox2] Changed: LXC storage will show mount points instead of image name
    [Tickets] Added: You can now disable client contacts from seeing other contacts tickets.

Bugs Fixed

    [Admin] Fixed: Unable to generate estimate from order draft
    [Admin] Fixed: Unable to update form component resource prices
    [Autoupgrade] Fixed: With connection problems autoupgrade shows that license is without active updates
    [Cart] Fixed: Domain registration price is not shown if tax is enabled
    [CoinPayments] Fixed: Payment form does not autosubmit after order
    [DCIManager2] Fixed: Account billing in admin area uses outdated template.
    [DCIManager2] Fixed: Bandwidth usage does not reset for cycles longer than monthly.
    [DCIManager2] Fixed: IP provisioning fails with a timeout error.
    [DNS Editor] Fixed: Cannot edit domain records on servers that does not use domain IDs
    [IPAM] Fixed: Dedicated servers with only one IP do not show anything under IPAM tab
    [IPAM] Fixed: Main IP is not highlighted for dedicated servers.
    [ISP Manager] Fix: Incorrect value in the preset
    [Mollie Modern] Fixed: Recurring profile collection does not work in multibrand environment
    [Multibrand] Fixed: Gateways using custom callback urls does not work under multibrand setup
    [OnApp] Fixed: Could not assign template group error
    [Orders] Fixed: Pro rata orders with post paid billing generate first invoice with full price.
    [Products] Fixed: Its not possible to enable/disable all widgets in product configuration
    [Proxmox2] Fixed: New VMs re-use ids from deleted VMs, showing logs and usage from deleted machines.
    [Tickets] Fixed: All tickets in client ticket lists shows icon indicating drafts started for them
    [Tickets] Fixed: Bulk ticket deletion is not logged to system log

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