Author Topic: HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 12-11-2017  (Read 448 times)

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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 12-11-2017
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:38:27 AM »
Release Notes: Version: December 11, 2017

New Features

    [FraudLabsPro] Added: Support for FraudLabsPro fraud protection
    [Geolocation] Added: You can now disable geo location plugin per brand
    [Mollie] Added: Generic payment error support for failed transactions initiated from client portal.
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Apps client function - manage Plesk Apps from HostBill UI
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Filemanager client function - manage Plesk files from HostBill UI
    [Stripe] Added: Prevention from doubled submit of payment
    [Support] Added: Confirmation dialog when creating new ticket from ticket reply
    [Support] Added: Support for drag & drop file upload in tickets
    [DNS] Added: Admin-area DNS management plugin included in all HostBill DNS plugins

Bugs Fixed

    [Accounts] Fixed: Automatic invoice cancellation does not cancel invoice late fee
    [Admin] Fixed: Layout for admin note edit is broken
    [Admin] Fixed: Unable to add tags with specific names
    [Automation] Fixed: Custom automation task created for specific service are scheduled for other non-related services
    [Automation] Fixed: Custom automation task do not create tickets if any error message is sent
    [Automation] Fixed: Logs IP error on domain automation-related entries
    [Automation] Fixed: Updating custom automation generates an error
    [Clienat Area] Fixed: Direct link does not work
    [InventoryManager] Fixed: Updating Delivery order resets all items to that order
    [Multibrand Groups] Fixed: Brand selection does not work when creating new ticket
    [OnApp] Fixed: VPS account creation does not provision additional IPs for VM
    [Products] Fixed: Add custom link / function does not work
    [Products] Fixed: Client functions are not available on products without modules
    [Support] Fixed: Unable to use macros that include tags when creating new ticket
    [Tickets] Fixed: Tags saved in ticket macros are not applied to ticket
    [Virtualizor] Fixed: Unable to create VM with more than 100GB of bandwidth

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