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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 11-27-2017
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:36:04 AM »
Release Notes: Version: November 27, 2017

New Features

    [Admin] Added: Option to import/export products
    [Billing Contact Select] Added: Through Billing Contact plugin customer can select their billing (invoice) details during order
    [ExactOnline] Added: Option to disable automatic export for proforma and collective invoices.
    [ExactOnline] Added: Option to force export client profile, if client was removed from exact online it will create new customer.
    [ExactOnline] Added: Option to select item groups for each product category.
    [Forms] Added: Its now possible to make input/textarea Product Forms field values searchable through Smart Search
    [Stats] Added: Yearly/monthly income by Payment Gateway
    [Status Updates] Changed: New notifications will use system ticket status for scheduled notifications.
    [Tickets] Added: Its now possible to set colors to ticket tags
    [Tickets] Added: Its now possible to set ticket request type to 'General','Incident','Problem','Task' or 'Question' for staff
    [vCloud] Added: Option to allow clients to adjust Network quota

Bugs Fixed

    [Acronis BAAS] Fixed: When no activation email is sent user is unable to login
    [Admin] Fixed: Duplicating bundle product does not copy included products configuration
    [Admin] Fixed: Fraud Log does not perform well on large databases
    [Admin] Fixed: Fraud Log pagination does not work
    [Admin] Fixed: Updating custom automation execute specification does not reschedule related tasks
    [Admin] Fixed: Updating custom automation interval changes scheduled task execution to invalid date
    [Admin] Fixed: Upgrade orders show wrong info for account forms
    [Domains] Fixed: Orders for whois protection are not processed
    [General] Fixed: Gateway success url does not work correctly if it includes query parameters.
    [Mail] Fixed: Refunded invoices show up with proforma number. Smarty updated to work around issue with relative path trough a symlink.
    [Multibrand] Fixed: Live chat departments do not show up
    [Multibrand] Fixed: New sign-ups are assigned to default brand
    [OnApp DNS] Fixed: Creating zones fails due to time out.
    [Stripe 3D Secure] Fixed: Card tokens are not saved in client profile.
    [Upgrade] Fixed: Changing packages to one with checkbox forms may fail and remove account configuration
    [Virtualizor] Fixed: Unable to update os templates in products.
    [vCloud] Fixed: Unable to upgrade storage limit due to memory usage.

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