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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 11-14-2017
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:34:18 AM »
Release Notes: Version: Novemer 14, 2017

New Features

    [Admin] Added: Option to update client function assigned to product in bulk
    [Admin] Changed: It is now possible update prducts in bulk from multiple categories
    [IPAM] Added: RWhois server built into IPAM module
    [Inventory Manager v2] Added: Its now possible to search for item by SN, Name, vendor, Manufacturer, Status, Location
    [Knowledgebase] Added: You can now set cutom SLUG (URL) per language for knowledgebase articles / categories
    [MultiBrand Groups] Changed: Group input updated to match hostbill inputs
    [Multibrand] Added: Support for searching invoices in smart search with custom invoice numeration prefixes/formats
    [OwnCloud] Added: NextCloud 12 app support
    [Settings] Added: "Verify Session IP address" setting control in Settings->Other->Security & Display
    [Stripe 3d Secure] Changed: UI Imprevements, added more customer info when creating stripe source

Bugs Fixed

    [Admin] Fixed: App listing shows wrong number of assigned services
    [Admin] Fixed: Bulk price update does not work on products with billing set to Once
    [Admin] Fixed: Module/app testing suite in product configuration fails with "Unable to test without module ERROR"
    [Admin] Fixed: Various modal css styling problems
    [Automation] Fixed: Error when trying to parse client IP
    [Automation] Fixed: When call is issued by queue in backend getting IP to log fails with exception
    [Cart] Fixed: Wrong price shown in cart for inclusive tax with discounts
    [Colocation Manager] Fixed: Broken forms for floor / colocation add/edit after adminarea css updates
    [General] Fixed: Cant disable notifications from custom scripts if queue is enabled.
    [Invoice] Fixed: Wrong client name in invoice log entries
    [Invoices] Fixed: Subsequent payment of refunded EU invoice modify its Paid date
    [OnApp] Fixed: Cron job generates errors
    [OpenProvider SSL] Fixed: Unable to load certificate selection in product settings
    [Openstack] Fixed: New volumes are not attached automatically
    [Openstack] Fixed: Security group option is not visible in product
    [Openstack] Fixed: Termination fails to remove attached volumes
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Fixed: Iframe for reseller function redirects to plesk interface if HB install is proxied
    [Slack] Fixed: Link do not work if admin area directory was renamed
    [Smart Search] Fixed: Smart search does not work well with invoice custom format + pro forma prefixes
    [Tickets] Fixed: Removing parent ticket fails to load ticket details attached to it
    [Upgrades] Fixed: Group discounts are not applied to form upgrades
    [Virtualizor] Fixed: Can't select XenServer HVM option in product

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