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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 10-23-2017
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:27:12 AM »
Release Notes: Version: October 23, 2017

New Features

    [API] Added: New method getClientCreditLog that can be used to get credit history for a client.
    [API] Added: getClientOrders call will now also return related invoice_id
    [Admin] Added: Promotion code, it is not possible to disable promotion for domain registration, transfer or renewal.
    [Cacti] Added: Yearly bandwidth graph in clientarea function
    [FreeRadius] Added: Group is now non-required setting in product configuration
    [Gateways] Added: Manual "Cheque" payment gateway / module
    [General] Added: IP restriction will now support IPv6 addresses and networks Merge branch 'ipv6_security'
    [General] Added: Option to set contact state as closed.
    [OpenProvider Licenses] Added: License activation key will now be available for customer in license details section (client portal function)
    [Openprovider] Added: If tld does not support auth code request, HostBill will attempt to obtain code from domain info query
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Client function for plesk reseller to browse plesk homepage directly from HostBill
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Reseller function to browse plesk customers
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Reseller function to edit personal info
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Reseller function to manage domains
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Reseller function to manage service plans
    [Plesk 12/Onyx] Added: Reseller function to manage subscriptions
    [Tickets] Added: Admin now can quickly create new tickets from current ticket replies
    [Virtualizor] Added: Option to edit edit vm resource for cloud hosting accounts

Bugs Fixed

    [Admin] Fixed: Banned IPs / Emails page do not show correct number of pages.
    [Admin] Fixed: Can't remove product discount from client group.
    [Admin] Fixed: Domain products do not show all available widgets (requires product update)
    [Advanced Account Search] Fixed: Clicking on banned IP link does not show related IP entry.
    [Calendar] Fixed: Pressing tab when adding new event does not focus description field
    [Cart] Fixed: Epp code is not saved in one-step templates
    [Client area] Fixed: Cancellation page shows end of billing period option on free and one time payment accounts. (Requires template update)
    [Clientarea] Fixed: Default theme does not show current date in footer
    [DNSSEC] Fixed: Nothing to display message if data is returned as DS records
    [ExactOnline] Fixed: Division name is not displayed correctly
    [General] Fixed: If custom success url is set without protocol, some gateways fail to work.
    [OnApp] Fixed: Disk usage statistic are not loaded.
    [Reports] Fixed: Its not possible to store state of custom/php reports
    [Sepa Direct Debit] Fixed: Random Multibrand-related exceptions in cron functions
    [Status Notifications] Fixed: Cant add new status without notifications

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