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HostBill Changelog Discussion - Version: 09-04-2017
« on: September 25, 2017, 02:24:52 PM »
Release Notes: Version: September 4, 2017

New Features

    [Admin] Added: New privilege to access ticket billing section
    [Admin] Added: New privilege to show/hide client stats/balance in admin settings
    [Admin] Added: New privilege to view Ticket Billing Rates (show/hide prices for support per staff member)
    [Cart] Changed: Updated default product and domain order pages to better work with responsive templates
    [Clients] Added: CSV client import now logs more data into main HostBill log file
    [Email Verification] Added: Logging of new client verification codes being added
    [Email Verification] Added: New option to remove client profiles with active accounts (previously default=ON)
    [Email Verification] Added: Option to close profile, rather than delete it for inactive accounts
    [Email Verification] Added: When removing accounts those with transactions or paid invoices will be skipped
    [Settings] Added: Billing->Misc->Chargeback Handling - you can disable/enable marking related invoice as unpaid on chargeback
    [Status Notification] Added: Confirmation page that shows affected clients, for entries that create notification.

Bugs Fixed

    [Admin] Fixed: Bulk deleting clients does not use queue
    [Admin] Fixed: Bulk price update fails to apply new price to all accounts
    [Admin] Fixed: Queue log does not show errors/success messages
    [Admin] Fixed: its possible to register client trough UI/API when his email is within banned list
    [Cart] Fixed: Checkbox forms for domain show as selected in cart summary
    [Cart] Fixed: Select with qty form does not work
    [FreeRadius] Fixed: Changing username with password-prefix option does not change password accordingly
    [OnApp] Fixed: Accounts are created with wrong username prefix
    [OnApp] Fixed: Can't create VM when client selects custom cloud location
    [Queue] Fixed: popstatus argument shows related entity error/info for unlogged admin
    [Sepa Direct Debit] Fixed: Transactions are marked as FRST on batch, eventhough customers had transactions processed before
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