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« on: May 13, 2013, 03:37:31 PM »
There're a few reasons for starting this forum.

Openness - The current HostBill forums aren't very open. Guests visiting the forums cannot view any posts unless they purchase HostBill. On these forums, all posts will be visible, in the open, without requiring user registration. Users may register freely, with the exception of posting. To post, users must past verification checks to prevent spam, which is the natural process of almost every forum.

Stability - Forums need to be stable. When entire sections are hidden, people are left in the dark. This has happened numerous times in the past, and a forum is needed where post history is forever visible to future potential HostBill clients.

Community Concerns - Many HostBill users have suggested another forum be started for the very reason that HostBill forums may someday be unavailable. With a fallback forum, community members will have access to communications with other HostBill users.

Responsiveness - There aren't many responses on the HostBill forums by the developers of HostBill. The hopes of this forum is to off-load some of that work and create a collaborative community that will enrich communication with other HostBill users. Better organized, more moderators, and hopefully direct feedback from the HostBill team itself.

I don't intend on ever monetizing this forum. There won't be ads, there will never be forced subscriptions. These forums are provided as a courtesy to the entire HostBill community. My hopes are that these forums will establish a sense of organization within the HostBill community, and keep communications clean, organized, and open.
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These forums are hosted by me with no intentions to ever monetize them. These forums are here solely for the benfit of the HostBill community.