Author Topic: HostBill Martket Removed - Details Why  (Read 677 times)

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HostBill Martket Removed - Details Why
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:58:10 AM »
Today, the "HostBill Market" forums have been removed. This board has attracted mostly individuals looking to buy and sell licenses without actually participating on the boards. This is only temporary.

When the boards return, they will only permit individuals whom have established some degree of history with the community.

The goal of these forums are not to be a dumping ground to drop or pickup licenses. Instead, they're here as an open board for people to express their concerns, help each other, and learn about HostBill and whether or not it's right for their business.

The main reason the HostBill Market forums were removed is because anyone who's bought a license, or sold a license are risking license suspension. The HostBill license prohibits the sale or distribution of HostBill software through whatever means, with some basic common law exceptions which should be obvious to the many businesses that frequent these forums. When you sell a PC, you get to keep the lWindows license that was installed on the device. When you sell your business, the new owners get to obtain the HostBill license since it's part of the business. Again, common sense.

From this point on, any license sales posts or sales requests made outside of approved areas will result in their posts deleted, and subsequent posts resulting in suspension of the HostBill Forums account. Please understand that this is not to play "Police" and is only written to protect those who are actually willing to use HostBill. The HostBill marketing forums will return, but only when I have time to organize and clean up these forums from the excess that has accumulated over time.
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