Author Topic: Rally to force HostBill to make significant changes!  (Read 453 times)

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Rally to force HostBill to make significant changes!
« on: March 30, 2017, 03:26:17 PM »
First and foremost, hello!

I think I can quite comfortably say that everyone in this forum that uses HostBill has got to the stage where they feel completely helpless. We're in the industry where our clients aren't happy to wait 5-days + for an answer. Currently I'm sitting in the position where:

1. I have submitted a bug.
2. Contacted mentioning the bug asking for a quote to fix it.
3. Paid for a ticket to get help someone to respond to me. Asked for help, asked for a quote... Sadly, I have been left hanging for the last 5-days!

I thought to myself, what can I do? What can one drop in the ocean do to get some sort of human response that I can work with... Nothing. I can't do anything... By myself... After doing quite a few searches I cam back to this forum, where I've seen some generally disgruntled HostBill users, and it occured to me that you lot, are the croud that I need. We re the croud that we need and I cannot stress this enough, HostBIll WILL responded to valid bad press, can't can't not. They re relying on those users who don't have a choice and the new adopters that are unaware the this software comes with a company that is great, but dung at the same time.

I'm thinking that we all personally start tweet @hostbillappcom with truthful experiences and grievances that we have with the company, every day for as long as we have material. I know this seems like an aggressive approach, but it's not untruthful and the truth hurts! Lets create post on major forums, online media houses centered around the hosting industry, and kick these guys in the gut so that they give a fudge.

Please post back with your comments. A script is needed, and before I embark this quest, I'd like to get a show of hands.

Thanks and thanks,

(copies and pastes moc.smurofllibtsoh)

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Re: Rally to force HostBill to make significant changes!
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2017, 06:17:51 PM »
I can fully understand your frustration. I am frustrated user too and I have too licenses with them. They never ever respond to a bug report, and I have submitted feature requests and they usually don't answer. I don't bother buying support tickets because I'm worried they won't respond and if they I'm worried they charge on follow up questions as well. I have not had a good experience with them, but I think they won't change anything.  >:(

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Re: Rally to force HostBill to make significant changes!
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2017, 03:48:32 PM »
Nothing is going to change. Nothing you do will pressure the one single man who is the entire development and business entity of HostBill.

Most people  only hand around here to see when and if it's going to be sold to another entity, and if/when that happens, what will be next (it surely must be better).

Those of us with owned licenses predating all of the (major) shennanigans have, for the most part, migrated away  from HostBill, because:

1.) Who knows when the license servers will go offline forever
2.) You have to pay for "Presales" questions
3.) You have to pay for bug reports to be addressed (Really? You did this? You might as well have burned that money, it will be fixed only if and when Kris feels like it whether you pay him or not).
4.) You have to pay for support tickets that, as in your case, go unanswered, sometimes for *Months*, and usually end up with a single response that doesn't help  you out, which prompts you to reply to his response, but then you find out that you have to pay to make that response too lolz.
5). There is no third party development on new licenses, and no one bothers for the old licenses, documentation is incorrect, out  of date, useless, etc.
6.) Just go look over at WHT, here, and other places - HostBill gets a bad rap universally - Kris doesn't care.
7.) No one is interested in helping you in this endeavor because we've all  already tried various methods of pressuring him to do  the right thing (These forums are one such example) and all have ended up with no positive results.

8.) Most former production users are gone, and we no longer care to bother with running HostBill in production any longer.

In short, you're screwed. If you've been ripped off then do a chargeback on your credit card, if you're still in the refund period be sure to excercise it NOW!

I hope that helps
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