Author Topic: Is Hostbill for me? Perhaps you can help me find out...  (Read 811 times)

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Is Hostbill for me? Perhaps you can help me find out...
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:21:00 AM »
Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

What I need to know is... 

1.  With regards to the use of card details (I use Stripe). Does the client have the option to add a credit card (or more than one?) where the address details differ from the main profile details? Do they get this option when placing their first order? For example, when they enter card details - is there an option to provide an address that differs from the signup details they used?
2. Can the client easily manage their card details and remove a card / update the card address info?
3. Can the client choose specifically what products, services and domains are auto renewed?
4. Does Hostbill charge EU VAT correctly with the percentage according to the countries VAT rate and keep these rates updated?
5. Does Hostbill provide a VAT MOSS report?
6. Is the Nominet module any good? I mean does the registration form use all the correct fields for registrant type, company number etc - with proper validation? Does the update of contact details work correctly, in that the registrant name can't be changed but other info can - and the phone number format is dealt with properly?
7. Is there a cpanel DNS management module available - where clients with no hosting can manage the DNS for their domain using the cpanel DNS cluster?
8. How fully featured is the Resellerclub integration? is it basic register / renew/ transfer, or does it have more - such as syncing contact details, providing transfer / RAA info into the interface, whois protection etc?

I think those are all my questions. I very much appreciate any help you can offer in answering them.