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Forum FAQs & Potential FAQs
« on: May 13, 2013, 11:07:03 PM »
Q: Are these forums an official support area for HostBill?
A: No. The official forums for HostBill can be found here - Removed link because official forums are gone.

Q: Will this forum ever be monetized / for profit?
A: No. This forum is here solely for the benefit of the HostBill community. Donations will never be accepted.

Q: Can I advertise my website?
A: You most certainly can. Just make sure your website is running HostBill. Place your company in your signature. There will not be an advertisement board.

Q: Can HostBill Forums host my projects  / scripts?
A: Yes. If your HostBill project is a free project, you may post it as an attachment in future planned project boards.

Q: Do you, or will you be using tracking scripts like Google Analytics?
A: No. I have no purpose for tracking your browsing habits. I do however use forum tracking software to track bad behavior.

Q: Why was my post edited?
A: Sometimes, it's best to modify a post to make it more clear to the community. In 99% of all cases of edited posts, they're edited to change the subject / prepend a bracketed tag to demonstrate a status or aspect of the topic posted. You will always see a changelog of the post edited, just click the URL below the edited post. In addition, edited posts will display the user who made the changes.

Q: Who runs this forum?
A: Lawrence Wright does, but is looking for other volunteers.

Q: Is Lawrence friends or affiliated with HostBill?
A: No. I'd like to look up to Kris as a great provider, and a wonderful developer, but we're not affiliated. I still moderate the HostBill forums because I would love to see HostBill thrive.
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These forums are hosted by me with no intentions to ever monetize them. These forums are here solely for the benfit of the HostBill community.